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Wilfred 100% Silk Black Lace Dress

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Wilfred Black, Partial Lace (upperbody) 100% Silk Dress 

Brand: Wilfred

Size: 04

Colour: Black 

Material: 100% Silk 

Condition: 7/10, Stitching has separated above the right side zipper; approximately by 1.5 inches between the lower skirt and upper lace body of the Wilfred dress. *Photo Upon Request*
Extremely minimal wear otherwise.

Description: Rounded neckline trimmed with opaque black silk material, body of the Wilfred dress is translucent lace sewn in floral pattern, bottom half of the dress I.E. skirt is opaque black silk material with a discreate right side zipper approximately 2 inches, trailing from the upper half of the skirt portion to the beginnings of the upper lace body.